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Since each piece is custom and unique, pricing is on a per item basis.  Please complete a request form under the “Contact Us” tab to request more information.

Delivery/ Shipping

If you require your custom piece to be delivered or shipped, additional fee(s) will apply and be discussed prior to any agreement.

Our Clients

We work with everyone…whether you are an individual seeking a customized piece, interior designer, or contractor looking for ongoing projects!


Since all work is custom, there are NO returns or exchanges.  ALL Sales Final.

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Testimonials +

"Picture Perfect"

I truly wish that I wrote this review earlier. There was a particular moment when a reflective assessment would have better served Louie in terms of positive marketing and useful feedback (then again, the pictures are a glowing endorsement that a thousand words would fail to convey). Specifically, when we were waiting for the final product, as first-time customers, we were experiencing an excitement comparable to the anticipation that a child feels waiting for Christmas morning. By that point, we had already discussed our vision and seen pivotal parts of the process. In addition to photos taken at different stages of fabrication, we were invited to visit Louie's workroom and see the artistic touches that transformed an ergonomic coffee table into an industrial chic piece that demands attention. To see "how the sausage is made" gave us a greater appreciation for Louie's application of experience and knowledge as well as his investment of superior materials. Once this item arrived (on time might I add), we quickly started brainstorming ideas for other rooms. We are so happy with the products and overall experience.

When you decide that you want a piece of furniture that projects your signature style by a person who will ensure that the high-quality material and craftsmanship will last for years to come, then call Louie. Even if you do no have a clear idea of how the object will fit into your design scheme, contact Louie and let him participate in the discussion regarding architecture, function and texture. The creativity that he invests in that discussion will manifest itself in the construction. This aspect separates this artisan from others; especially the big stores that only offer a 'one size fits all' object that is more suitable for a catalog page than a home. After the first consultation, your expectations and excitement will intensify with each conversation and picture. His communication was a key factor in producing a custom-made fixture of our family room. Also, keep this advice in mind: whatever you choose to commission will be cost-effective when you take into account the unique nature and durability.

Good luck and enjoy your one-of-a-kind purchase from a person who will deliver artistry, quality and execution.

Piyali S

Truly the most beautiful custom pieces! I was so happy with my piece and would highly recommend Louie for all custom furniture! You won't be disappointed!!


Custom, hand built, quality furniture is almost impossible to find anymore, and like the saying goes, ‘it’s good to know someone’. I feel fortunate to know Louie and have come across his works of art. Large furniture stores that have taken over just cannot deliver the same quality and definitely not customization. Louie Bravo worked with me every step of the way to build EXACTLY what I wanted. He sent me pictures throughout the process and kept me involved, which I thought was really cool, plus no surprises. The piece is not only solid wood, but is built sturdy. The craftsmanship and detail is priceless. You can pick out the type of wood and stain or colors you want to use. Whether you have your own idea, need something refurbished, or have a picture of a piece you want him to replicate, he does it all.

Laurie B

Thank you so much Louie Bravo. The base is absolutely gorgeous! You really outdid yourself, I can not stop staring at it!! 
With just a picture I took of the base, Louie was able to replicate it for me. It is truly amazing, the detail is just unbelievable, and the color is perfect! He was able to match the color perfectly from just the spindle we were able to detach. 
He sent me pictures throughout the process but I was speechless when I saw it in person Friday night when he brought it to my home!! I really did not expect such an amazing and gorgeous piece of furniture! I am so pleased and grateful for the amazing job you did and that you put your heart and soul into making it!! You made it as if you were making it for your own home!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!!  PS I have a few more pieces I need. I will text you!

Julie F

Incredible! The craftsmanship is amazing! My husband and I searched every furniture store possible for good quality furniture that was real wood and it’s just not out there! We couldn’t find the specifics that we were looking for and we didn’t want to settle. We found Against the Grain and we just couldn’t be happier! We are having a few pieces being made and have so many more projects for him! Louie was great, came to our house and sat with us as we discussed and designed all our pieces. Throughout the whole process he sent us pictures to let us watch the progress! It was so cool to see it at every stage! Absolutely stunning and amazing care for his clients! Can’t wait for our other pieces!

Denise F

I absolutely love my new headboard. Louie came over, measured my space, and we talked about what I wanted. He was able to capture my exact vision. My new master bedroom is complete now with this piece. Love it!!!!! 

Jen M

Awesome job! Louie helped creat my exact vision. The work was done in a timely manner and the finished product is awesome!

Jen C

You out did yourself again Louie Bravo!! The barn door is absolutely beautiful!! It’s amazing how you matched both doors and the door jambs!! Great idea to stain and weather the other door to match! I love the custom trim!! It is gorgeous and looks fabulous!! Thanks for suggesting the trim to match!! The laundry room is nicest room in the house!! Now for the rest of the house!! Thank you You are amazing!!

John and Julie F

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